Welcome to The Serai @ Kabini
The Serai, Kabini
Spend the time of the day with the constant lull of the river. In fact, spend the night with it too.
As you drive through the quaint village roads, the river Kabini plays hide and seek with you, finally leading you to The Serai Kabini, on its banks. The protected forest area which you are going to enter, is part of the fascinating Nilgiri biosphere – and is the largest in South India, at over 2000 sq.km, comprising the wildlife parks of Bandipur, Nagarhole, Wayanad and Mudumalai.

The forests themselves are lush with long grass and trees - teak, mathi, dindla, sandalwood, rosewood, bamboo... and streams that trickle at their own pace. The chirping of birds, (almost 300 different species), the wind in the trees, the rasping of the cicada – and you know you’re in Never Never Land. You feel you are being watched from the bushes out there. A family of gaur, the Indian bison looks on serenely, spotted deers leap across, while the sambar, the biggest deer around, stands poised and inquisitive. A langur up in the trees lets out a warning cry – a big cat is near. And the forest explodes with fleeing hooves. Somewhere in the thickets, lie the predators of the animal world. The elusive leopards, the fierce wild dogs (dhole) and the mysterious, mystical, majestic tigers.

This pocket boasts of the highest Royal Bengal tiger density in the world, and of the grand old Asiatic elephants too. In fact, Nagarhole, has a density of 108 animals per sq.km. Laid out like a string of pearls on the banks of the Kabini River, with the imposing Nagarhole forest towering on the other side, The Serai kabini is as secluded, as private and as peaceful a getaway as you could ever dream of. Of over 70 acres only 10 acres are built upon, The Serai kabini leaves 60 acres to the freedom of the wild. A number of fruit and flower-bearing trees, many of them nest-bearing as well, are testimony to the fact that the birds are as much our welcomed guests, as you arrive.

Moments Await - A great way to spend your time

Nothing prepares you for your first moment in your own villa, when you open your French windows and see the river just beyond.

The river at Kabini, serene and times, thundering at others, passes right by. And whichever cottage you choose at The Serai Kabini, you get your very own view of the Kabini river – from your own verandah, with only the wild grass and the birds between you.

Waterfront Verandah

Waterfront Verandah @ The Serai, Kabini

Twin cottages, each with cozy warm wood interiors, spotless white linen, and a pretty little sit-out. An extraordinary touch – your open sky shower, with only a fibre-glass top. An exclusive designer bathroom, and the cottony clouds above.

Life couldn’t get better.

Waterfront Villa

Waterfront villa @ The Serai, Kabini

Your own individual villa by the river. Stone walls, wooden floor, tiled roof – and your own patch of green all around. Champak trees, butterflies, a hammock, a cup of hot coffee and your own view of the gorgeous Kabini, with the hills beyond. Your villa inside is exquisitely decorated with infinite care, but we won’t blame you if you never leave your verandah.

The Residence

The Residence @ The Serai, Kabini

A magnificent villa, at the very end of the resort with a living room in addition to a bedroom, two private verandahs, and its very own jacuzzi pool (non-heated). A large private garden, with the mighty river on one side, and a truant little creek flowing by on the other.

A dazzling view for the discerning few.

Activities at The Serai, Kabini

There is no dearth of things to do here. Dunk into our swimming pool with its separate toddler’s pool, hop into the activity center to keep the kids enthralled, get busy at the gym or keep up to date at their business centre. Worth a special mention is Huddle, their large conference room with a capacity to seat 40 people, with its large projection screen, which doubles up as their wildlife film auditorium at night.


A gift shop that’s charming – and exclusive. T-shirts and caps and books and hand-painted souvenirs. Browse, buy, photograph and take back more than just memories.

Wildlife Library

As well-stocked as their bar, though on a different plane. We invite you to lose yourself in the mystery and history of the forests around you, and its unique wildlife. Books, films, documentaries, puzzles and board games.

Take a new direction, whichever you choose. Trek on unknown paths in the forest beyond, or laze around near the river, or listen to tales around the bonfire. Or better still, do it all.

Dining at Orange County, Kabini

The promoters have designed their dining options to further your outdoor experience. As the gentle breeze wafts through their sprawling property, sit at the open bar, or the restaurant with its large windows, and feel one with the peace around

Wildgrass - Restaurant at The Serai

The one place you keep coming back for more. Their restaurant, which takes its name from the tall wild grass that grows up to a man’s height or more.

The restaurant puts on an impressive spread of mouth-watering soups, salads, desserts and cuisine from all over the world, with a dish or two of the local cuisine specially included. Their food is legendary, and unlimited.

The Outpost - Bar at The Serai

A favourite watering hole – that’s their bar. Warm wooden beams and tables, and a terrace deck out under the stars.

And come late evening, when the chill settles in - a crackling bonfire invites you to sip on the silence, while you sip on your drink.

Omã -The Life Giver

Omã, Sanskrit for life-giver, is their exclusive spa. And the massages and wraps do send our guests back feeling much more alive than before. The signature therapies, made from the purest botanical extracts soothe, relax, invigorate, and draw the tension out of each muscle, ever so slowly. Ancient Eastern remedies and the latest Western ones - Swedish or Ayurvedic or Reflexology - they combine under trained fingers to ease the toxins right out of your body.

Treatments use a mix of the most exotic elements. Oats and almond cleanser, a fresh ginger zinger, a vitamin-rich mud wrap - hot volcanic stones rolled down your back, a 4 ½ hour romantic treatment for couples, a wrap of milk, honey and coffee.... a whole new life Awaits.


  • Massages
  • Scrubs
  • Wraps
  • Beautifying facials

What To Expect @ The Serai, Kabini

Welcome to one of the most memorable holidays you will go on – starting now. Here are some things you can expect, (and some you should not) from your travel and stay. Getting ready, we feel, is so much part of the fun. So let the excitement begin now....... Life Awaits!

The Clothing

In a wildlife destination, colors of clothes should be muted – khakis and browns, not distracting bright colors. It’s about being comfortable, not stylish. If you’re travelling in summer, take tees and shorts, except for the evenings when mosquitoes like to show you they love you too. In the winter, come in with woolens and mufflers and light shawls. During the monsoons, take Macintoshes, caps, jackets and water-proof footwear, and enough changes of clothes, since even their laundry can’t do miracles at that time. Every room comes with its set of special The Serai umbrellas and bedroom slippers, of course.

The Food

The menu is pre-planned with a variety across the week, made of fresh produce sourced from nearby villages. Their chefs are among the finest and most intuitive. The food, on feedback from our guests, is resplendent with local spices and recipes - and we’re told – lip-smacking. You have a grand world cuisine buffet to look forward to, if the occupancy is full, or you can order the best of it a la carte. The Serai Kabini caters for vegetarians and Jains specially, on advance notice, but any other diet restrictions should be sent to us earlier. We will do everything we can to give you a meal you’ll remember in a locale you’ll never forget.

The Wild

According to the latest guidelines, we have a fixed number of seats allocated on the safaris into wildlife reserves, run by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, for those aged above 4. When those seats are full, they cannot accommodate our guests. At other times, wild cats refuse to co-operate and strut around for our viewing. You do understand that these things are beyond our control. On the other hand, most of their resorts bordering the wildlife reserves have no aggressive fencing. The Serai Kabini leaves large portions open for the birds, the beetles, the deer... while light solar fencing encloses their built-in areas. So it is not unusual to find deer grazing in your backyard, or hear the call of an elephant just outside the resort. There may be others that hop in to visit too. They will not bother you unless you bother them. Remember – the forests are their home. We are just visitors there. We urge you to keep your voices low, play no music and wear nothing bright, reflective or distracting when you go on the safaris. Do not scream or wave or shoo away the animals. Keep this world of fauna and flora as beautiful and private as you find it – for our children to one day enjoy.

The Road

The Serai Kabini is a wilderness destination. Our guests come to us for our exotic locales hidden away in niches and off the grid spots. Naturally, these are hard to reach. Roads crumble into dirt tracks once in a while, like in the last 15 km to Kabini, which is through picturesque though rough terrain and tiny villages. Therefore sedans are not advised, 4-wheel-drives are. Bring water, sun glasses, some good music and your camera – you’ll get some inspiring shots along the way – breath-taking valleys, hills, winding streams, massive trees, grinning children.

The Entertainment

We believe you have come to The Serai Kabini to get away from the trappings of the city - to just sit in the verandah of your cabin and soak up the peace of the river. It is a policy therefore, to avoid televisions in the rooms. Do try it out and see how much time it gives you to talk to the people you care for. Or walk over to their library to cuddle up with a good book. Kabini The Serai has limited indoor games for children, with a telescope for star-gazing. The bar is really well-stocked, and their spa, Oma, famous, for its unique brand of pampering. The Conference Room puts on wildlife films at night, and much lore is exchanged around a crackling bonfire they light for our guests who’d like one. Remember to ask first about which of these are included in your tariff, and for which you’d need to pay extra. In case of unforeseen circumstances, like sudden rain, some activities may be cancelled. Thank you for understanding.

The limitations

It says something for The Serai that most of their guests keep coming back again and again. Their staff is local, and their smiles genuine. It is common to see them kick a ball around with your children, or go out of their way to get you a coffee the way you like it. We are happy when we are appreciated for our efforts and saddened when a few people complain when tigers don’t appear on demand or the weather doesn’t behave. You are going to have a fantastic holiday, and we will help you to iron out the little things that stop it.

Monsoon Packages [Valid: From 15th June 2014 to 30th September 2014]



Rack Rate
02 Nights Package
03 Nights Package
Waterfront Verandah
Rs. 12,500 + tax
Rs. 19,300 + tax
Rs. 26,700 + tax
Waterfront Villa
Rs. 13,500 + tax
Rs. 21,100 + tax
Rs. 29,400 + tax
The Residence
Rs. 18,500 + tax
Rs. 29,200 + tax
Rs. 40,200 + tax


Rack Rate
02 Nights Package
03 Nights Package
Waterfront Verandah
Rs. 15,000 + tax
Rs. 24,300 + tax
Rs. 34,200 + tax
Waterfront Villa
Rs. 16,000 + tax
Rs. 26,100 + tax
Rs. 36,900 + tax
The Residence
Rs. 21,000 + tax
Rs. 34,200 + tax
Rs. 47,700 + tax


Children Below 06 Years (without extra bed)
Adult/Children Above 12 Years
Rs. 2,710
Rs. 5,420
Rs. 8,130
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 2,260
Rs. 4,520
Rs. 6,730
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years
Rs. 380
Rs. 760
Rs. 1,140


Children Below 06 Years (without extra bed)
Adult/Children Above 12 Years
Rs. 4,200
Rs. 8,400
Rs. 12,600
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 6,000
Rs. 9,000
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years
Rs. 1,400
Rs. 2,800
Rs. 4,200

The mentioned rates are exclusive of taxes. Tax: 18.50%

Package Inclusions:

  • Check-in: 12:00 noon. Check-out: 11:00 AM.
  • AP: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • CP: Accommodation & breakfast
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Indoor games - billiards, carrom, board games like chess, monopoly, scrabble, cluedo, mind power, air hockey, table tennis, housie & football.
  • Outdoor games - badminton, volleyball, mini cricket
  • Nature activities such as nature trail, bird watching, an hour on the machan with our naturalist, cycle trail, star gazing & village walk.
  • Use of fitness centre.
  • Use of swimming pool.
  • Wildlife movie (evening activity that is common to all).
  • Bonfire (evening activity that is common to all and is subject to weather conditions.)

Monsoon Magic @ The Serai, Kabini [Valid: From 09th June 2014 to 30th Sep 2014]

Offer – Buy 1 night and get the 2nd night free.

The below offer is valid only for reservations made for weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

Rate per night
Waterfront Veranda
Rs.15000 + 18.50% tax
Waterfront Villa
Rs.16000 + 18.50% tax
The Residence
Rs.21000 + 18.50% tax
Extra occupant charges
Children Below 05 years (Without Extra Bed)
Adult / Children above 12 Years
Rs. 4,200
Children age of 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 3,000
Children age of 05 to 12 Years (Food element)
Rs. 1,400


  • Check-in: 12:00 Noon & Check-out: 11:00 AM.
  • Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for the first night stay.
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Evening tea/coffee with cookies.
  • Use of indoor games (carrom, chess & board games).
  • Activities such as cycling , bird watching, nature walk , village walk & coracle ride.
  • Use of wildlife library.
  • Use of fitness centre
  • Use of swimming pool.
  • Wildlife documentary (evening activity that is common to all).
  • Bonfire (evening activity that is common to all and is subject to weather conditions.
  • Price/offer is applicable on double occupancy.


Quick Reference:

  • Bangalore to The Serai Kabini:: 225 Kms
  • Mysore exit to The Serai Kabini: 80 Kms
  • Mysore exit to H D Kote Hand-Post: 48 Kms
  • H D Kote Hand-Post to The Serai Kabini: 32 Kms


Note: As a part of wildlife conversation, the main highway leading to the resort has been diverted through a village. The last stretch is a 14 km unpaved dirt road and is quite bumpy. Therefore, low clearance vehicles are not recommended.


Kabini is a scenic drive through tree-lined roads, plantations of ginger and lemon grass, with little villages dotting the way from Bangalore or Mysore.

  • By Road

    Just before entering Mysore from Bangalore, turn right off the main highway onto the new Outer Ring Road.
    Approximately 20 kilometer down the Ring Road take the exit to the right leading to H D Kote village.
    45 kilometer later is the HD Kote Hand-Post at the intersection of two roads, a few kilometer ahead of which you will see the Kabini Dam signboard.
    Avoid the left turn, which leads to the dam, and turn right turn to reach Antarasante village. Drive through the village, proceed past the check post and turn left at the Rajiv Gandhi National Park entrance.
    Just 13 kilometer straight ahead is Jungle Lodges. A left turn here and a short drive of a kilometer will bring you to The Serai Kabini. Welcome!


    Mysore city is the nearest railway station to Serai Kabini.

  • By Air

    Mysore is the nearest airport. Airport at Bangalore can be used as alternatives.