Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg
Amanvana is a magical spa resort in Coorg. Private bungalows. The music of the river. Delightful cuisine. Let your soul guide you. Rediscover magic, at the rabbit hole.
Welcome to Amanvana Resort, Coorg.

From private bungalows on the banks of the river and sky-lit bathrooms to riverside barbecues and tranquil nature walks, Amanvana Eight Island Luxury Resort in Coorg is a truly magical place with something for each member of the family, and something for every mood. It’s your perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, and a marvelous way to pamper and restore your soul.

Amanvana – River and I

Coorg is a beautiful district tucked away in the Western Ghats mountain range which is famous for its coffee estates and hospitality. The River Kaveri, the most important river in South India takes birth amidst the lush evergreen forests in the land of Coorg. At Amanvana you can experience this perfect blend - The River Kaveri as well as Coorg hospitality at its best. The aesthetic look combines with the tranquility of the river that flows at its own pace. The ability to enhance the beauty of a beautiful place...

Escape is the norm

To ‘get-away’ from it all!

Relaxation is the aim and comfort in every aspect. Simple, yet sophisticated the promoters of Amanvana Coorg Resort wished to cater to a yearning for returning to the essentials and to remind ourselves what the essentials really are. From the bustling road outside a door opens into a world where there is a sense of calm, a journey from the chaos to the sublime.

Amanvana is home to over 300 species of plants. There is a herb garden, a vegetable garden and individual courtyards filled with over 30 species of plants put together to flow in harmony with the color theme of the bungalows i.e. red, yellow and green. Red bungalows have red Hibiscus, yellow has beautiful yellow Lantanas and green has an abundance of white flowers. Simple textures, hand-woven banana fiber blinds, hand-made flooring tiles, stones of different variety laid in patterns to inspire you to walk barefoot, all the elements blend to make our backdrop one that our guests can bask in.

Location, Location, Location.

Amanvana is located about 10 kms from Golden temple in Bailkuppe - one of the largest Tibetan settlements and the ashram of the Dalai Lama and the famed Golden temple. Dubare, the elephant camp and the bathing of elephants along with beautiful island is the prime attraction for tourists. Harangi Dam is a reservoir and a tourist attraction all year round. The other places of interest are Madikeri - the capital of Kodagu which is 24 kms away from Bagamandala - the birth place of Kaveri, which is 45 kms away.

From the moment you wake up to when you put your head down to sleep, time at Amanvana Luxury Boutique Spa Resort is measured by the quiet magic of the revered River Kaveri. This Coorg resort is situated on its banks. No other resort in Coorg has its bungalows so close to the river. So after you’ve checked in, walk down to the Kaveri, and let its music fill your soul.

Eight-island trek

One of the highlights of the resort is a fascinating trek to the Eight Islands where you will be accompanied by the resort guide. On the way, you will cross many bright streams. Every island is beautiful in its own way; some have trees, some are filled with different kinds of sand, and some are natural sanctuaries for a host of birds.

Reading Nook

Finish that book you haven’t had time for, either in the hammock or beside the river as its sounds of silence fill the time between pages.

Riverside Barbeque

You can enjoy lunch, dinner or a barbeque beside the river. Explore Amanvana Resort’s delightful menu, set to the lilting tunes of the river.

Picnic on the islands

Getting quality time with your loved ones is wonderful. You can enjoy your very own family picnic on the islands, complete with a picnic basket provided by us. Explore the islands, bask in the sun, and make conversation with birds.

Fill your empty cup with words that glow with sunshine, and with music not made by the hands of men. The songs of the river are drowned by civilization but they paint colorful pictures in your mind and they steady your soul.
Bungalows with Moonbeams
Bungalows with Moonbeams at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

The bungalows in Amanvana Resort coorg have been designed with close attention to delightful details and a sense of harmony. They are perfect little worlds, complete with a private lawn, a lotus pond and a reading nook. There’s also a special ‘moon light’ in the ceiling to bring an air of enchantment to storytelling nights. And in the morning, it’s always wonderful to wake up to over 18 varieties of bird song.

Banana Fiber Blinds
Banana Fiber Blinds at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

Hand-woven by the Women’s Weaver Society at Sathnur, the blinds in the bungalows are beautifully coordinated with the interiors. On lazy afternoons, sit in the drawing room and observe the secret choreography of sunlight on leaves through the gaps in the blinds.

Private Courtyards
Private Courtyards at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

What can be more luxurious than your own garden? Every bungalow comes with a delightful courtyard where you can watch birds, enjoy a book in the reading nook, whisper to tadpoles in the lotus pond or just bask in the sun.

Handmade Athangudi tiles

The flooring of the Bungalows is handmade tiles sourced specially from Athangudi. These tiles are hand casted in a unique process using local soil. These beautiful Anthangudi tiles are in the colors of red (earth),Yellow (sun)and Green (flora and fauna) and are a heritage product that was used largely in the Chettiar mansions (Tamil Nadu) in their hey days. The charm of Anthangudi tiles lie in their vibrant colour and feel when you walk barefoot in your bungalows. An eclectic blend of both traditional and contemporary. An ideal holiday experience!

Luxury at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

Bask and have a lie-in in our luxury sheets and high thread count bedding. There's nothing quite like it to make you feel like a million dollars. Lie in the lap of luxury. White sheets that go with vibrant colors of your private garden outside. Open your windows. Let the birdsong filter in. Fill your senses with the heady colors of the foliage all around your bedroom. Yes, there is a heaven on earth..

Bathe in the moonlight
Bathe in the moonlight at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

The bathrooms at Amanvana Resort Coorg are wonderful little worlds in themselves. Clad with stone to enhance the naturalistic design of the bungalow, they come with luxury tubs, soothing white brick walls, and a skylight through which you can court the moon or persuade the stars to rearrange your fate.

Look for the green dots

When you enter your bungalow be sure to look around for the green dots. These little dots as indicated on your light switches are to be experienced for an ethereal and out of this world feeling. Switch the green dot in your bedroom and overhead beam will light up like the moon behind clouds. In the bathroom, the light at the planter box lends a special glow which lets you have a conversation with the stars... Lastly, their courtyard lights create a calming ambience, whether you choose to talk, share a drink with friends or simply sit by yourself in the chairs and read...


The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow room – so named because their guests often spot rainbows while dining here – is the place where you can indulge in a wide variety of cuisine from Amanvana Coorg Resort’s kitchen. With a mesmerizing view of the river, a water cascade and a swimming pool close by, it makes for a memorable dining experience. A fireplace and a well- stocked bar add to your pleasure.


Serving the best of continental, Indian and Coorgi food, the Rainbow Room promises to make every meal exquisite, and filled with breathtaking views to delight your heart.

Coffee Hut

For variety, have your buffet at the coffee hut where you can also enjoy coffee that’s prepared with blends from their very own estates. And what better way to do this than while gazing at the view of the tranquil river?


If you want to surprise a loved one, the resort can organize a candle-lit dinner or a birthday party with a bonfire, DJ and other recreational activities. All you need to do to make your stay at the rabbit hole even more memorable for yourself and others is speak to Signature Holidays.

Picnic on the Islands

Getting quality time with your loved ones is wonderful. You can enjoy your very own family picnic on the islands, complete with a picnic basket provided by us. Explore the islands, bask in the sun, and make conversation with the birds.

Riverside Barbeque

Riverside Barbeque: You can enjoy lunch, dinner or a barbeque beside the river. Explore and indulge in Amanvana Coorg Resort’s delightful cuisine, against the backdrop of the river.

Spa at Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg

The Spa under the Earth

As you descend the steps leading to their sunken spa, you enter a delightful and soothing world: charmingly plush interiors, frog whispers from the lotus pond, and the smiling faces of their staff. The Amanvana spa is one of the finest in its class amongst all resorts in Coorg. It takes a 360-degree approach to wellness through a wide range of treatments, all administered by their expert staff. You may also complement your massage with their special spa cuisine.

Tariff [Valid: Up to 30th September 2017

Per Couple for 1 Bungalow
1 Night
2 Nights
3 Nights
Rs. 10,999
Rs. 20,500
Rs. 30,799
Rs. 12,600
Rs. 24,800
Rs. 36,500

Package Includes

  • Welcome drink & cold towels served on arrival
  • Sumptuous Breakfast by the pool
  • Lunch, dinner & breakfast at the pool side (Applicable on APAI plan only)
  • Complimentary spa relaxation and rejuvenation treatment coupons of Rs. 1,000/- per person per night *
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee making facility in the bungalow
  • Television and cable facilities in the bungalow
  • Air Conditioning in the bungalows
  • Own private courtyard with a lotus pond and a reading nook
  • Usage of Swimming Pool
  • Usage of open air Jacuzzi
  • Usage of coffee hut overlooking the islands and the beautiful river Kaveri
  • Movies in the Open air amphitheater
  • Trek to Eight Islands *
  • Usage of putting greens
  • Nature walk that explains the various flora and fauna that Amanvana is home to
  • Outdoor games
  • Indoor games
  • Visit to a coffee plantation (on special request and prior notice) is provided by the resort. Transportation not included
* Terms & conditions apply

Extra Person Rates:

  • Child cost: 0 to 3 yearsComplimentary
  • Child cost: 3 to 5 yearsINR 650/- per head per night on CPAI inclusive of taxes
  • Child cost: 3 to 5 yearsINR 900/- per head per night on APAI inclusive of taxes
  • Child cost: 5 to 12 yearsINR 800/- per head per night on CPAI inclusive of taxes
  • Child cost: 5 to 12 yearsINR 1,400/- per head per night on APAI inclusive of taxes
  • Extra adult cost: above 12 years30,00/- per head per night on CPAI inclusive of taxes
  • Extra adult cost: above 12 years4,250/- per head per night on APAI inclusive of taxes

Bangalore - Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa, Coorg: 222 kms.

Route map from Bangalore

Bangalore – Ramnagara – Chennapatna – Maddur – Mandya – Sriramgapatna – Mysore – Hunsur – Periyapatna – Kushalnagar – Amanvana Luxury Resort & Spa