The Serai, Chikmagalur

Welcome to the country where lush green plantations fill miles of open land, where sprawling historical ruins hold hidden secrets, where entrancing temples beckon from dynasties of yore – welcome to Coffee Country!

Welcome to The Serai, Chikmagalur

Your mind, like you, will do a lot of wandering. Because you are here to leave the hectic pace of your life behind. You will make your way up inspiring trails, amble through historical splendors, walk under canopies of green. You will walk through an open network of verandahs in The Serai, with water lapping beside you, while the high-beamed ceilings take you back to the days of yore. You will hear your voice echo across the hills,

Luxury perfectly blended with elegance – Serai Chikmagalur

COFFEE PICKING at the estate

Ask the team @ The Serai Chikmagalur to organize a coffee-picking tour for you. Roll up your sleeves and learn to tell which bud is ready for the picking... and what goes into making the finest coffee in the world. And by the time you’re back in your room, taste it.

Sip coffee filtered like nowhere else in the world, and lie back – and wish you never had to leave.
The life of the planters, about which books have been written.
The estates spanning out for miles around, the waft of coffee on the breeze, the twitter of birdsong – and the peace!

Estate Villa - Pool

Estate Villa - Pool @ The Serai, Chikmagalur

Walk into your single-floored villa, with the undulating plantations as your back garden. Large glass doors and windows allow the sunshine to slant into your subtly sophisticated living area, straight out to your private pool.

Estate Villa -Jacuzzi

Estate Villa - Jacuzzi @ The Serai, Chikmagalur

Another option to your distinguished villa is a variation in the waterway. Instead of your private pool, opt for a relaxing, re-energizing jacuzzi. The furnishing, the expanse and the luxury of your villa remains the same

Estate Terrace

Estate Terrace @ The Serai, Chikmagalur

The lord of all you behold. Each elegantly furnished two-tiered villa overlooks an expanse of trees, ferns, plantations and paddy fields. Upstairs, you sleep with the curtain of stars outside, and downstairs, you retire to your separate living room or private pool or gazebo – to the peace of the privileged few.

The Residence

Estate Terrace @ The Serai, Chikmagalur
Exclusive, expansive & enchanting

The water-lined walkway leads, like a red carpet, to the Residence. Exclusive, expansive – and enchanting. Immaculately furnished on a scale second to none. Two designer bedrooms, separate living and dining spaces, and a large pool to call your own. Walled off from the world beyond. Life awaits your orders.

Room amenities – common to all

  • WI-fi connectivity
  • Rosewood flooring
  • Centralized air conditioners
  • Tata Sky connection
  • Electronic in-room safe
  • Bedside telephone
  • Luggage rack
  • Tea/coffee kettle
  • 36 inch LCD television
  • DVD player with USB port
  • Hair dryer
  • Magnifying shaving mirror
  • Weighing machine
  • Glass shower cubicles
  • Bathtub
  • Open shower
  • Shaving kit
  • Toiletries (products from Forest Essentials)

It’s a dream you have. To sit back and look out at the stillness around – and the resplendent greens of nature. The canopy of sky above. To have a sparkling wine chilled at your elbow. To have your pick of the finest of world cuisine. This is a dream about to come true.

Odyssey - The World Cusine Restaurant

Odyssey - The World Cusine Restaurant @ The Serai, Chikmagalur

The panoramic view somehow enhances the flavors of a delectable meal. Their chef takes special pride in the famed food served here. Flavors are well-seeped in, the menu is international, the ingredients sourced from across the globe and the tastes quite extraordinary. Sit in Coffee Country, and dine anywhere in the world.

Blue Sky Bar @ The Serai, Chikmagalur The background is a-twinkle with starlight, while fine music plays subtly around you. A bar so stylish, a wine list from around the world – while sitting in the middle of the still green forever – makes the experience completely unforgettable.

For those who intend to lie back and let the brain take a holiday, there is a pool that goes on forever. For those who want to sip the best coffee on the planet. For those who want to trek into those hills and see the coffee planting up front .... and for those who... the choices are as endless as the pool is.

If your idea of living is the adrenalin rush that comes from sport, you have chosen well. You could spend happy hours walking or cycling the track that runs across the estate, or you could do a stamina-stretching cross country. The Plantation Walk is a slower, more relaxed guided tour through the estate.

Make sure you do see the plantations where legend has it, the first coffee was brought to India, and planted, centuries ago, by Baba Budan.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can take it indoors too. Chess or carrom, table tennis or billiards. Or an exhilarating workout at the gym. While the kids discover their own kicks – the air hockey or indoor foosball tables.

Swimming Pool @ The Serai, ChikmagalurSaving the best for last. Our infinity pool is to be seen to be believed. An expanse of water so tranquil, so inviting, so calm, your stress doesn’t stand a chance against it.

Omã -The Life Giver
Omã -The Life Giver Ayurvedic Spa @ The Serai, Chikmagalur

Omã, Sanskrit for life-giver, is their exclusive spa. And the massages and wraps do send our guests back feeling much more alive than before. The signature therapies, made from the purest botanical extracts soothe, relax, invigorate, and draw the tension out of each muscle, ever so slowly. Ancient Eastern remedies and the latest Western ones - Swedish or Ayurvedic or Reflexology - they combine under trained fingers to ease the toxins right out of your body.

Treatments use a mix of the most exotic elements. Oats and almond cleanser, a fresh ginger zinger, a vitamin-rich mud wrap - hot volcanic stones rolled down your back, a 4 ½ hour romantic treatment for couples, a wrap of milk, honey and coffee.... a whole new Life Awaits. Members of The Serai Crest are treated a little more specially than others.

Their signature therapy is the coffee cure. A famed anti-oxidant which is terrific for your skin, coffee beans grinding into your back or feet, can trim you, tighten you, and send your senses a-tingle. One massage or one scrub - and you’re a coffee addict for life.

Spa Services:

  • Massages
  • Scrubs
  • Wraps
  • Beautifying facials

Chikmagalur is miles away from city life, and the drive itself begins your holiday, each bend in the road revealing a palette of new greens. Welcome to one of the most memorable holidays you will go on – starting now. Here are some things you can expect, (and some you should not) from your travel and stay. Getting ready, we feel, is so much part of the fun.

So let the excitement begin now... Life Awaits!

What to wear

Chikmagalur has pleasant weather over all, and enjoys a chill nip in the air most months of the year, so bring all the colorful jackets and mufflers you've stored up. The chill usually sets in the early evening itself and The Serai Chikmagalur does light cheerful bonfires to keep you warm. In the rainy season, which in Chikmagalur lasts from June to January, get Macintoshes and water-proof footwear, and enough changes of clothes, since even our laundry can’t do miracles at that time. Every room comes with its set of special umbrellas and bedroom slippers, of course. As anyone who’s been to hill-stations will vouch for - wetlands sometimes encourage leeches – so wear thick jeans and thick socks and shoes, to keep yourself dry.

On The Road

Their guests come to them for our exotic locales hidden away in niches and off the grid spots. Naturally, these are hard to reach. Roads crumble into dirt tracks once in a while, like from Yedur Cross to Hassan. Therefore sedans are not advised, 4-wheel-drives are. Bring water, sun glasses, some good music and your camera – you’ll get some inspiring shots along the way – of the hills and mile after mile of serene coffee estate.

Lip-smacking activities

Their menu is pre-planned with a variety across the week, made of fresh produce sourced from nearby villages. The Malenadu cuisine which is local here, is available, in all its splendor on buffet, at the discretion of their chef. In case of very low occupancy, the menu is a la carte. The Serai do caters for vegetarians and Jains specially, on advance notice, but any other diet restrictions should be sent to us earlier. Rest assured, you’ll love the food!

The Entertainment

The resort has enough to keep you busy, if you’ve had enough of just chilling out. The Serai Chikmagalur has a library and limited indoor games for children. The bar is really well-stocked, and their Spa, Oma, famous, for its unique brand of pampering. Much lore is exchanged around a crackling bonfire The Serai lights for their guests who’d like one. Remember to ask first about which of these are included in your tariff, and for which you’d need to pay extra. Though we do our best to put on the Greatest Show in the World especially for you, the weather and other unseen circumstances often play spoilsport. Thank you for understanding!

The limitations

It says something for The Serai that most of their guests keep coming back again and again. The team at The Serai Chikmagalur is local, and their smiles genuine. It is common to see them kick a ball around with your children, or go out of their way to get you a coffee the way you like it. The team at Serai Chikmagalur is happy when we are appreciated for their efforts and saddened when a few people complain when the road’s rough or the weather doesn’t behave. You are going to have a fantastic holiday, and Serai Chikmagalur will help you to iron out the little things that stop it.

Short Break Packages [Valid: From 15th June 2014 to 30th September 2014]


Rack Rate
02 Nights Package
03 Nights Package
Estate Jacuzzi Villa
Rs. 14,700 + tax
Rs. 25,700 + tax
Rs. 36,200 + tax
Estate Pool Villa
Rs. 15,999 + tax
Rs. 28,000 + tax
Rs. 39,500 + tax
Estate Terrace Villa
Rs. 21,000 + tax
Rs. 37,000 + tax
Rs. 52,500 + tax
The Residence
Rs. 52,500 + tax
Rs. 1,05,000 + tax
Rs. 1,57,500 + tax


Rack Rate
02 Nights Package
03 Nights Package
Estate Jacuzzi Villa
Rs. 17,200 + tax
Rs. 30,700 + tax
Rs. 43,700 + tax
Estate Pool Villa
Rs. 18,500 + tax
Rs. 33,000 + tax
Rs. 47,000 + tax
Estate Terrace Villa
Rs. 23,500 + tax
Rs. 42,000 + tax
Rs. 60,000 + tax
The Residence
Rs. 57,500 + tax
Rs. 1,14,990 + tax
Rs. 1,72,485 + tax


Children Below 06 Years (without extra bed)
Adult / Children Above 12 Years
Rs. 2,710
Rs. 5,420
Rs. 8,130
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 2,260
Rs. 4,520
Rs. 6,780
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years
Rs. 380
Rs. 760
Rs. 1,140


Children Below 06 Years (without extra bed)
Adult / Children Above 12 Years
Rs. 4,200
Rs. 8,400
Rs. 12,600
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 6,000
Rs. 9,000
Children of Age 06 to 12 Years
Rs. 1,400
Rs. 2,800
Rs. 4,200

The mentioned rates are exclusive of taxes. Tax: 19.43%
Note: 20% supplement from 20TH to 31ST Dec 2013 on Rack Rates & New Year’s Eve charges on 31ST Dec 2013 would be applicable.

Package Inclusions:

  • Check-in: 12:00 noon. Check-out: 11:00 AM.
  • AP: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • CP: Accommodation & breakfast
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Fruit basket & cookies is placed in the room on the day of arrival.
  • Use of indoor games - billiards, carrom, chess, air hockey, foosball & board games.
  • Use of outdoor games - tennis, cricket, football, volleyball & badminton.
  • Nature activities such as nature trail, bird watching, an hour on the machan with our naturalist, cycle trail, star gazing & village walk.
  • Use of fitness centre.
  • Use of swimming pool.
  • Guided plantation walk.
  • Session of Yoga.

Monsoon Magic @ The Serai, Chikmagalur [Valid: From 09th June 2014 to 30th Sep 2014]

Offer – Buy 2 nights and get the 3rd night free.

Rate on Double Occupancy

2 Nights package
Estate Jacuzzi Villas
Rs. 27,620 + 19.44% tax
Estate Villa Pool
Rs. 29,700 + 19.44% tax
Estate Pool Terrace
Rs. 37,800 + 19.44% tax
Presidential Pool Villa (2 bedroom suite)
Rs. 1,14,990 + 19.44% tax
Extra occupant charges
Children Below 05 years (Without Extra Bed)
Adult / Children above 12 Years
Rs. 8,400
Children age of 06 to 12 Years (Food & Extra Mattress)
Rs. 6,000
Children age of 05 to 12 Years (Food element)
Rs. 2,800


  • Check-in: 02:00 PM & Check-out: 12:00 Noon
  • Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for the first two nights stay
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Evening tea/coffee with cookies.
  • Use of indoor games (billiards, carrom, chess, air hockey, foos balls & board games).
  • Use of outdoor games (tennis, cricket, football, volleyball & badminton).
  • Use of fitness centre.
  • Use of swimming pool.
  • Activities such as cycling and guided plantation walk.


Chikmagalur is miles away from city life, and the drive itself begins your holiday, each bend in the road revealing a palette of new greens.

By Road
Chikmagalur is 250 kms. away from Bangalore.
On the National Highway NH 48 between Bangalore and Mangalore, take a deviation at Hassan. From Hassan, Chikmagalur is only 80km away.
Chikmagalur is connected to other towns like Koppa, Sringeri, Kadur & Birur by road.

By Air
Chikmagalur district does not have an airport. Airports at Mangalore, Bangalore and Hubli (Please check with your Airline) can be used as alternatives.

Chikmagalur city does not have a railway station. The closest railheads are at Birur, Kadur and Tarikere.

The closest railheads are at Birur 48 kms, Kadur 40 kms. and Tarikere 58 kms.
The nearest airports are Mangalore (IXE) 152 kms, Bangalore (BLR) - 250 kms
Note: Chikmagalur is connected to other towns like Koppa, Sringeri, Kadur & Birur by road, National Highway NH - 13 (Sholapur to Mangalore) and National Highway NH - 206 (Bangalore to Honnavar).