BR Hills

BR Hills Resorts

  • Tree House @ Gorukana, B R Hills


    Gorukana BR Hills invites you to participate in helping to protect the forests, while providing you with a memorable wildlife experience. Leave behind the noise and clutter and join the team at Gorukana in the lush forests of BR Hills...

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  • Open sit-out @ K. Gudi Wilderness Camp, BR Hills

    K Gudi Wilderness Camp

    K. Gudi Wilderness Camp opens up an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with nature. Like the name suggests, it's everything you can expect out of a camp. It spells adventure and speaks the code of the jungle...

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BR Hills Holiday Guide

B R Hills - A Nature Lovers’ Paradise

Malai Mahadeshwara hills near B R Hills The Biligirirangana Hills, commonly called B R Hills, is a hill range situated in south-eastern Karnataka, at its border with Tamil Nadu (Erode District) in South India. The area is called Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or simply BRT Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a protected reserve under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Being at the confluence of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, the sanctuary is home to eco-systems that are unique to both the mountain ranges. The site was declared a Tiger Reserve in December 2010.

The hills are in the Yelandur and Kollegal Taluks of Chamarajanagar District of Karnataka. The hills are contiguous with the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary to the south, in the Erode District of Tamil Nadu. The hills that give the range its name are situated 90 kilometres from Mysore and 254 kilometres from Bangalore. The hills may be reached either from Yelandur or via Chamarajanagar.

The hills are located at the easternmost edge of the Western Ghats and support diverse flora and fauna in view of the various habitat types supported. A wildlife sanctuary of 322.4 square kilometres was created around the temple on 27 June 1974, and enlarged to 539.52 square kilometres on 14 January 1987. The sanctuary derives its name Biligiri from the white rock face that constitutes the major hill crowned with the temple of Lord Rangaswamy or from the white mist and the silver clouds that cover these hills for a greater part of the year.

The wildlife sanctuary of the Biligirirangana Hills is a major attraction that attracts tourists from all over. There are many safari rides in a day that help you get around the forest and look for animals. The animals spotted in the forest are panthers, tigers, leopards, guars, wild pigs, sloth bears, Langur, antelopes, Chital, Sambar deers, and bears.

Other than the wildlife there is also the famous Biligirirangaswamy Temple. It is the temple of Lord Ranganatha and Lord Venkatesha, which is present on the white cliff. The temple is of great importance for the Srivaishnavites. There are special prayers and poojas held on Fridays.

B R Hills is an ideal place for a short vacation if you are adventurous and love the wild.

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Tourist Spots near B R Hills

Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary

Elephants at BRT Wildlife SanctuaryThe forest around is named Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or BRT Wildlife Sanctuary after this place. Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected reserve under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1973.

A wildlife sanctuary of 322.4 sq km was set up around the temple on 27 June 1974, and it was expanded to 539.58 sq km on 14 January 1987. B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, situated at a height of 5,091 feet above sea level, this hill stretches from north to south for about 16 Km.

Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. This sanctuary is home for wildlife's like elephants, gaurs, sambars, chitals, bears, panthers and tigers. BRT Wildlife Sanctuary provides shelter to over 250 species of birds, about 22 species of reptiles and an amazing 116 species of Butterfiles.

Other activities at Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary are trekking, amateur fishing, professional angling, coracle boat rides, bird watching, river rafting and outdoor camping.

Biligiri Ranganatha Temple

Biligiri Ranganatha Temple near B R Hills Biligiri Rangana Hills belongs to Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka state. Situated in southern part of Karnataka, BR hills (also called Biligiri Rangana Betta in local language, Kannada) is famous for hill area with beautiful scenary. Lord Biligiri Ranganatha temple is situated at the hill top. The temple premises is famous for its valley view. This place is a remote place and the population in this village kind of place is very less. Normal visiting period is from October to March. The temple peak is at a height of 1700 metres from sea level. Hundred years old Champaka tree is one more attraction in this place.

Malai Mahadeswara temple

Malai Mahadeswara temple Malai Mahadeshwara hills (MM hills also called Mahadeshwara betta in local language, Kannada) belongs to Chamarajnagar district in Karnataka state. A well-known place because of the forest brigand late Veerappan. This place was the hide out area for Veerappan for so many years. The famous Malai Mahadeswara temple is seen here. The surrounding is totally hill area and the temple is situated at the center of 7 hills. Special functions are organized during each Hindu festival.

During Deepavali festival a grand celeberation can be witnessed in this place. A place called Antharagange is seen very nearer to the main temple. Here, the mysterious water flow from the ground arises during the entire year and the origin is not yet known. The famous Hogenkal falls is also very nearer to this hill area which is only 45kms towards south. Hogenkal is situated in Tamilnadu.

Nugu reservoir & Sri Himad Gopalaswamy Betta are other nearby Tourist attractions near B R Hills

How to reach BR Hills

By Road from Bangalore
Take the Bangalore – Mysore highway, and drive till Maddur. Turn left after leaving Maddur and drive till you reach Malavalli. Continue driving past Malavalli and get to Kollegala town. BR Hills is another 30 minutes’ drive from Kollegal.
Bangalore to B R Hills: 190 kms.

By road from Mysore

Tourist starting from Mysore have three routes

First option
The first way is to travel towards Thirumakudalu Narasipur (T.Narasipurpur or T.N.Pur) 30Kms from Mysore. Continue the journey towards Santhemaralli and Yelandur. Santhemaralli is 21Kms from
T. N. Pura and Yelandur is 6 Kms from Santhemaralli. B.R.Hills is 24Kms from Yelandur. There is a forest check post just before the starting point of the hill. The distance between Mysore and
B. R. Hills is 80 Kms in this option.

Second Option
The second way to reach B.R.Hills from MYsore is to travel towards Nanjangud and Chamarajnagar. In this route, again, there are two ways to reach B.R.Hills. After reaching Nanjangud (22 Kms from Mysore), proceed towards Chamarajnagar. After 15Kms from Nanjangud, you will reach a place called Kaulande. After Kaulande, take left turn to proceed towards Santhemaralli and Yalandur. Santhemaralli is 15Kms from Kaulande and from Santhemaralli, Yelandur is 6 Kms. Proceed towards B.R.Hills (24Kms from Yelandur). The distance between Mysore and B. R. Hills is 80Kms again if you choose this option.

Third option
Reach Nanjangud from Mysore & continue the journey from Nanjangud to Chamarajnagar (35Kms from Nanjangud). From Chamarajnagar, proceed towards B.R.Hills. The distance of B.R.Hills is 45Kms from Chamarajnagar. In this way, the distance between Mysore and B.R.Hills is 100Kms.

Tourist visiting only B. R. Hills from Mysore, go through Yelandur during onward journey and return through Chamarajnagar. Because, the road for both the ways are different and one can enjoy the scenery well.

BR Hills is 80 km from Mysore and 226 km from Bangalore (via Mysore).