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Serai Bandipur

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Serai, Bandipur

Serai-Bandipur. Right next door to the wild.

Serai Bandipur, unlike any other resort in the region, is situated very close to the Bandipur National Park. Bandipur as you know, teems with wildlife, and provides a safe haven to a wide swathe of wildlife, which includes the Four horned Antelope, Gaur, Asiatic Elephant, Leopard, Sloth bear, black napped hare, black leopard and a host of bird species like the Barbet, Babbler, Warbler and the Indian Peafowl. And because Serai-Bandipur rubs shoulders with the National Park, it provides for an experience quite unlike anything you've ever experienced. It isn't uncommon to hear the calls of animals and the trumpeting of elephants as they pass by the resort. Moreover, the resort aims to enhance the experience in just a little while; when they hope the animals will stop by at the water-hole and salt lick that's right within the resort itself. Already large number of animals has been spotted near the water-hole and the resort is expecting the other species to also join in to enhance your experience. Among other things, Serai-Bandipur offers a panoramic breathtaking view of the magnificent Nilgiris. Look out of your bedroom and you’ll be presented with a perpetually changing view of the Nilgiris. One moment it’s misty, the other it’s shrouded in shadows. Then when you least expect it, it’s jaw-droopingly spectacular. While soaking in the view is an activity in itself, you'll see that the list of things to do is limited only by the time you have.


Conference Hall Charges: Rs.5000 + taxes per day

Open from: 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

Seating Capacity: 50


  • Air-conditioned Hall
  • LCD TV
  • Projector Screen
  • Flip Chart
  • White Board
  • Writing pads with pencils
  • Cordless collar and hand mikes
  • DVD player
  • PC connectivity
  • DTH
  • Tea / coffee / cookies will be served twice a day


Visitors who would like to better acquaint themselves with the jungles and the delicate eco-system would find this centre a treasure-trove of information.

The resort stocks a good collection of wildlife books, puzzles and board games for the kids and many interesting wildlife films and documentaries.


  • A delectable buffet spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Breakfast is a combination of Continental and Indian varieties.
  • Lunch and Dinner is Indian cuisine.
  • Excellent options even in the vegetarian fare.
  • Food that tastes as good as home cooked food.
  • Food will be made non-spicy for visiting foreigners on special request.
  • Special Kids’ menu comprising of food that is non-spicy and exciting for children is available from 6.30 pm onwards.
  • Extra Meals will be organized on special request

Meal timings:

Breakfast: 9.00 am - 10.30 am
Lunch: 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm
Dinner: 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm


Open from: 5.00 am - 11.00 pm
2 changing rooms

Pool Dimensions:

Big Pool – 12 feet x 40 feet in size. Depth of the pool varies from 4 feet 6 inches on one end and goes down to 6 feet at the other end.

Children’s pool – 07 feet x 09 feet with a depth of 2 feet


Open from: 5.00 am – 11.00 pm

Gym Equipments: Multi-gym, Weights, Upright Cycle, Treadmill


Presenting Cloud 9 range of western holistic therapies from Serau Resorts. Offered by trained and dedicated therapists. The perfect remedy for the tired soul. The therapies will be done in the privacy of your room or at the therapy centre.

Options from Mysore To Serai:

Mysore exit to Serai - Bandipur - 80 kms.

Mysore exit to Gundlupet - 50 kms.

Gundlupet to Serai - Bandipur - 30 km

Options from Bangalore To Serai:

Bangalore to Serai resort: 220 kms.

Detailed Direction

  • After reaching Mysore, take the Ooty Road.
  • Keep going straight and drive past the town of Gundlupet.
  • It would be advisable to buy any item that is necessary at this town as after this, it would mostly consist of village and forest area.
  • Take a left turn and keep moving forward.
  • Look-out on the left for a resort called Tusker-Trails just to be sure.
  • Take the left turn just before the Park entrance.
  • Further reach Mangala village where there is an option to take a short-cut which is just 2 kms. from the property.
  • In case you decide to take the longer route which is around 4 kms., go a bit further down and take a right turn (just after a temple which will be on right side also).
  • Boards are provided at these locations to direct the guest safely to the resort.

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